saving 2
As it is known, most of the region did not have banks to save money due to this problem; the community were experienced /vulnerable to different risks for the safety of their money. So saving service is one of the most important service that the institution provides for the society and this service benefited the community enabling them to overcome from the risks to the safety which they were saving inside their homes, at this moment they saved in almost all the branches of the institution around 417,743,510.31 birr.

The overall saving balances collected is birr 417,743,510.31 of which voluntary saving is birr 159,030,416.77 and compulsory saving is birr 258,713,093.54 Total saving collection of this Quarter is 3,782,198.97 (voluntary saving; - (20,403,066.01) & compulsory saving; 10,967,981.29).