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Current Status of Smfi Hellocash
  • Number of agents is 6,224
  • Number of customers are 1,167,244
  • Merchant payments are 1,024

What Is Helocash
HelloCash is the number #1 mobile and agent banking (mobile money) service in Ethiopia provided by banks and micro finances.

HelloCash allows you to do financial transactions from the convenience of your mobile phone. It is convenient, efficient, fast, secure, and operates 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.
The service is currently provided by three major financial institutions; Lion International Bank S.C. Cooperative Bank Oromia S.C. and Somali Micro Finance Institution S.C.

Registration Process
  1. Visit your nearest bank branch or agent providing HelloCash Services
  2. Complete the HelloCash account opening registration form
  3. Provide valid photo ID
  4. Agent/bank teller initiates your HelloCash registration using their mobile phone
  5. The helloCash system will call your mobile phone and ask you to do the following information:
    • Choose preferred language
    • Speak Full Name to provide an audio recording of your
    • Carefully select your 4-digits secret PIN for your helloCash account
    • You will receive an SMS to confirm HelloCash will create your account and
Congratulations! You can now start to use your HelloCash service using your mobile phone!

Send money to family and friends-inistantly!